Heart Song

I think it’s funny that we fit so well together.

We’re worlds apart, but when you put your arms around me, my head fits just perfect underneath your chin, and the space between you and I fades like it had never been there at all.

Then at night, you curl yourself around me, my security blanket against the world. I sleep deeply and my dreams are never less than peaceful when I feel you strong against my back. I love those nights, don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes…it’s your head under my chin as you listen to my heartbeat and I feel you trembling against my skin.

I never know what to say on those nights; so I just stroke your hair and brush kisses and whispered “I love you”‘s across your eyelids and face until you finally fall into your restless dreams.

And it is on those nights, while I wait for sleep to claim me too, that I wonder if you only hear a normal heartbeat, the same that a doctor might, or do you hear the song my heart sings only for you?

Story Effects (Part 2)

So a fellow blogger and I were talking about stories that had a lasting impression on us (in one way or another. Her story, about ‘The Red Spot’ can be found here.

This is my contribution:


One story that left a lasting mark on me, was a story I read when I was around six or seven. I don’t remember the name of the book, or where I got it from, but it was a collection of scary stories (what is it with kids and scary tales? Seriously?!) including legends of vampires and werewolves. Some of them were just plain “meh.” Urban legends about, how sleeping in the light of the full moon for three days in a row would cause you to turn into a werewolf, using grains of rice to keep a vampire busy until dawn, etc. But one of the stories…oh, that story got me good. In a really weird way. Here is a short version of the tale from Wikipedia:

“There once dwelt in a cavern in this country a vampire, called Dakhanavar, who could not endure anyone to penetrate into these mountains or count their valleys. Everyone who attempted this had in the night his blood sucked by the monster, from the soles of his feet, until he died. The vampire was however at last outwitted by two cunning fellows: they began to count the valleys and when night came on they lay down to sleep, taking care to place themselves with the feet of the one under the head of the other. In the night the monster came, felt as usual and found a head: then he felt at the other end, and found a head there also. “Well,” he cried. “I have gone through the whole 366 Valleys of these mountains, and have sucked the blood of people without end, but never yet did I find any one with two heads and no feet!” So saying he ran away and was never more seen in that country; but ever after the people have known that the mountain has 366 Valleys.”

It’s simple and not really scary, but ever since then, I cannot sleep unless my feet are covered. I also will never forget that the mountains have 366 valleys. Too bad I can never remember the name of the mountain range with so many valleys…


Confused. (Go home wordpress, you’re drunk…)

Okay, on one screen, WordPress tells me I have 64 followers (Hello everyone!). On another screen, it says I have 32 (I like the 64 better…). Then I look at my “follow by email” section, and it says 95 (Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the ground).

My first thought, was “Okay, the 95 must be counting the 64 and the 32. Not sure why, or where those two numbers came from, but whatever. 95 followers, Hell yeah!” And then my brain woke up a little bit more, and reminded me that 64 + 32 ≠ 95.

So…which is it wordpress? 64, 32, or 95?

Health issues are fun.


I don’t believe I mentioned it here before, but back in August, I had to get my ID renewed. Being female, I, of course, did my hair and makeup (gotta look good for that picture!).

Well, I got my eye liner and mascara done, and I noticed that something didn’t look right.

It looked like one eye was lower than the other. First thought, was “What the hell…? Did I have a stroke and didn’t know about it?” But the rest of my face was even, it was just my eyes that were off. I asked my roommates, and they didn’t notice anything different, so I thought maybe it was just my imagination.

Then people at work started saying something, wanting to know what happened to my eye. Asked my roommates again, and they swore they didn’t notice anything different.

Back in January, I went to visit my family in Arkansas, and they asked “What the hell happened to your eye?! It’s all popped out and stuff.”

I went to an eye doctor as soon as I returned, and he immediately wanted to send me to the ER because the eye was protruding so much. He did some tests though, and ruled out the big stuff. The only thing he noticed, besides the protrusion was the eye pressure being ridiculously high (double what it should’ve been), so he gave me a prescription for some eye drops and referred me to a specialist.

Except, the specialist was booked solid until April….so they referred me to a different specialist, who never called me back.

Went to another doctor mid-February for a follow up. He said it looks like there is something pushing against the eye from behind it, but he didn’t have the right tools to be certain, so he also sent over a referral.

It is now April, and both doctors have been sending over referrals to the nearest hospital since early February. Every time I called the hospital in question, they couldn’t “find” me. The second doctor  finally faxed over another copy and mailed one, just to make sure it was received.

Called yesterday, and they finally found me in their system…but, they don’t have an opening for a new patient until September. They’re supposed to talk to the doctor and see about getting me in sooner.

Fingers crossed, people. I only have one good eye, and that’s the one with the problem.