Day 5: and other good news.

Didn’t get a lot of writing done today, but did get some editing done.

Also had a surprisingly good day. I mentioned a couple days ago, I believe, that my tablet is dying. Well, today I found out I have an extra $200 in my bank account, so guess what I’m picking up tomorrow? Went hunting on Amazon after that and scored me a nice case/keyboard for it, and Batman: The Animated Series volume 2. Then, to top it all off, went to Sonic, and the shake I love to get (but rarely do because it’s about $4) was half price.

I keep looking around waiting for the bad news to come in, but nothing’s happened so far. Maybe it’s just the universe making up for the past crappy month, but I’m not trusting it. A friend told me not to be a Debbie Downer, but as I told him: “Right now, I’m more of a Terrified Tiffany, thank you.”

Fingers crossed everything stays at least somewhat peachy.

Writing proof:

Alex sucked in a breath. “Same hair, same eyes. Holy shit.”.

Day 2:

Almost hit 1000 words today. Meanwhile, the ten year old I take care of managed to churn out seven pages. (She’s decided to start writing fan-comics, featuring the Kitty League of Justice, lead by Batcat.)

My proof of progress:

Finally finding the right pocket her phone was in, she hit the button to turn the screen on. “It’s six twenty-eight, sachan. And it wasn’t like it was on purpose. She was being all ‘we don’t need no help’, while you were sitting right there, patching her brother’s brain together. What the fuck?”