Apparently I made an April’s fool out of myself. I thought today was April 1st. D’oh!

Ah well, tomorrow is the first day of the pledge! I just…got a headstart? Heh.

On that note: does anyone know how far away a carpet bombing would be felt? I mean, a very thorough carpet bombing. Completely wiping a major city off of the map…I might have to use creative license, but I would prefer to keep it somewhat realistic.

Alright Karma…that’s enough of that now.

All those times of me laughing at my sister when they thought she was my mother just came around and bit me on the ass.

Went shopping with my roommate/boss and her two children (I’m a live-in nanny) yesterday. To make things a little easier on the mom, we split up in the store, and I took the little girl (9) with me, while she took her son (5). The little girl was messing with something by the counter, so I got onto her about it, and explained why she shouldn’t mess with it.

Cashier leans over and tells the girl “You have a smart mama.”