Sharing Saturday

I don’t remember if I posted for last week, so you’re getting a slightly longer snippet this time. 

            “Remember how energy never dies? Well, all living creatures give off energy, and there’s always death. Every second, someone or something dies, and when it dies, the energy has to go somewhere.

            “What does that have to do with the planet being able to feel?”

             “Ashes to ash, dust to dust.” Kerry said quietly. “We were born from the Earth; it only makes sense that we return to it, does it not?”

             “I guess so, but that still doesn’t explain why the planet feels stuff.”

            Kerry pulled her legs up so she could rest her chin on her knees. “It’s an old, old rock.” She reminded Heather. “The best guess so far puts the age at almost five billion years old. It didn’t take nearly that long for the creatures on the planet to learn to actually think, you know.” 

Sharing Saturday.

One of my favorite authors has been sharing a line or two from her WIP each Thursday, and I figured, oh what the hell. Why not? I might not always remember to post, but I will try. When I do, it will be done on Saturdays (hence the name ‘Sharing Saturday’). I’m posting one today to start it off, and I’ll post another line tomorrow. 

Hope you guys enjoy.

For my first offering, a line from Chapter 9 of Etlan:

“Never. Again.” Mina gritted out. She was still prying her fingers away from the bars of the cage. “Do you hear me, sachan? You will go alone, and Kerry can kiss my ass!”