Such wonderful times [/sarcasm]

I don’t know what it is about me and academics, but for some reason, the universe seems to hate us being together. Star-crossed lovers and whatnot, I guess?

Last June, right in the middle of my first term back in college, my brother-in-law died. That was…hell. To put it nicely, and it hasn’t gotten any better, with one pile of bullshit after another following it – and that’s not including the four or five other deaths we had in the family…all within a single month. Feel free to re-read that a couple times to reassure yourself that there are no typos, nor am I exaggerating. Five deaths in a single month. 

This term, just as I had two big papers due, my best friend’s husband ended up in the ICU. Now, I saw best friend, but she’s more like an adopted sister and my boss. I work for her and her husband, taking care of their two children while they work. Since school is in, Brian and Kristy (their parents) usually got them up and ready for school. With Brian being in the ICU, and Kristy being up at the hospital with him, I was pulling double duty for a little over a week. Getting the kids up and ready for school, taking care of the dog (a chore I usually shared with Brian), helping pick up the kids from school, feeding them, scheduling in time for them to video chat with their parents at night before they went to bed. And my classes. 

Thankfully, he’s out of the hospital and is back home, but the past two weeks have not been fun. Now my term is coming to an end, and a new one starts in about three weeks. Keep your fingers crossed nothing else bad happens in the next couple months.

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it….Captain.

Star trekkin’ across the universe…

Ok, not really, but it has been life, and not as I’ve known it for a good long while. At any rate, this is just a heads up warning. I’ll be writing a series of…ficlets? Haven’t decided yet if they’ll be connected by anything other than their writing prompt (tarot card meanings), but we’ll see.

Length will range from a couple sentences to whatever it happens to take to finish it up. You all can feel free to add more in the comments, and constructive criticism is always welcome.


Alright Karma…that’s enough of that now.

All those times of me laughing at my sister when they thought she was my mother just came around and bit me on the ass.

Went shopping with my roommate/boss and her two children (I’m a live-in nanny) yesterday. To make things a little easier on the mom, we split up in the store, and I took the little girl (9) with me, while she took her son (5). The little girl was messing with something by the counter, so I got onto her about it, and explained why she shouldn’t mess with it.

Cashier leans over and tells the girl “You have a smart mama.”


More dust, but at least we’re getting somewhere.

Not entirely happy with the way the blog looks, but also not a chance I’ll be tossing out $99 a year just to be able to play with css, when I can buy a domain for less, and set it all up there.

Well, not at the moment anyway. Had a job interview today, and depending on how that works out, who knows? I fully admit to being a lazy bastard, and if I have the extra money, meh. What the hell, why not?

Wish me luck everyone. It’s actually a job I want!