How dare you?

To the author of “Dear White people, Your Safety Pins are Embarrassing,” and others who mock us for wearing safety pins: how dare you? You say that the safety pins make us look stupid and that we only wear them to try to make ourselves feel better. You think we wear it out of guilt? Seriously?

Do you have any idea what it means to us? Because I really don’t think you do. Not if you think we’re wearing it to proclaim “I’m on of the good guys.” Or that we’re trying to prove that we’re not racist/homophobic/etc.. And especially if you think we’re wearing it to show that we’re not Trump supporters.

Since you don’t seem to understand, let me try explaining it: we are wearing it because we recognize that we are on the brink of a full out war, and we are declaring ourselves soldiers on the frontlines for the rights of our fellow Americans. We are volunteering to put our own safety on the line for them. We are saying “You are not alone in this fight. When you feel all alone in your foxhole, look next to you. We are here. We have your back.”

If you had addressed this just to the people wearing the pin out of guilt, I would understand. I’m sure there are some people who put the pin on for that very reason, just as I am sure that some are wearing it just because other people are. To them, it is a game. To them, it’s all about following the latest whatever Facebook has brought us.

But to the rest of us, it’s about our friends and family. And to the rest of us, what your article implies is even more insulting than your click bait title.

This isn’t a game to us. This isn’t about guilt. This isn’t about making ourselves feel better, and if you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to really think it through, maybe you would understand that.

[Safety Pin] This beautiful thing right here…

I will be picking up a whole box of these ASAP, and I plan on wearing ten at a time. I WANT people to see it. I want them to NOTICE it. I want there to be NO MISTAKING what side I am on. I WANT people to know that there are still good in the world, and I am part of it. I WANT people to know that they are NOT alone. And for those who mean to get a safety pin of their own, and keep forgetting, I WANT to be a reminder.

We need this. Now, more than ever. 

Thank you, whoever it was that came up with this for Brexit. It’s sad that you needed it and it’s sad that we need it now, but it’s heartening to know that there are people like you who care enough to come up with things like this. 

Image credit to someone on facebook. Not sure of the original creator.