Apparently I made an April’s fool out of myself. I thought today was April 1st. D’oh!

Ah well, tomorrow is the first day of the pledge! I just…got a headstart? Heh.

On that note: does anyone know how far away a carpet bombing would be felt? I mean, a very thorough carpet bombing. Completely wiping a major city off of the map…I might have to use creative license, but I would prefer to keep it somewhat realistic.

Feedback please? Writer’s resource group.

Had an idea for a writer’s group, but instead of it being a social thing where we all grumble and sympathize with each other about the hardships of being an author, we would put out information we can help with. This would not be for publishing and whatnot, there are plenty of groups/pages already out there for that. The group would be for information like “Is there a name locals use for (this street/highway/bridge) in (this city/state/country) instead of it’s “official” name?”, “What kind of boat would be good for fishing in a small pond?” etc.

Don’t get me wrong, Google is wonderful, but even it has its limits, and it has failed me one too many times.

Each member would put what information they can help with in a post (right now, I’m floating the idea on facebook), and then a person could use the “search group” option to find what they’re looking for.


(Person A) can help with:

local information for the following areas: Baltimore, Maryland (Greek Town & Dundalk); Russellville, Arkansas; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Gender related information: long hair, long hair problems, basic wardrobe, typical reactions.

Familiarity with: American English and colloquialisms, American school systems


(Person B) can help with:

Local information: Perth, Austrailia; London, England.

Gender related information: make up; hair styles for short hair, preppy wardrobe.

Familiarity with: Queen’s English, colloquials, British/English school systems

Person C has a character with short hair, and needs an idea for a hair style, maybe a description for the steps, or a name for a certain look. They do a search for “hair styles for short hair.” 

Because Person A and Person B both listed “hair” as something they can help with, both posts pop up. Person C would read the posts and then leave a comment on Person B’s post, because she’s the one who has the information they need. Person B responds, Person C has what information they need, and can get back to writing.
Thoughts/Suggestions? Please let me know and reblog/share link if you like the idea. I need to know how much of an interest there is before I commit to anything.

Help Wanted: Coffee Buddy

Just kidding. I have one, but he’s currently visiting his sweetheart, so I’m stuck solo-sipping until August. No problem, except he`s also my sounding board, and I have…stuff…that needs bounced off someone. 

How do you guys handle that issue? Do you have friends you ask, or do you stick to your significant other? 

Oops? *cough*

Okay, so I kinda completely forgot about this place. (Easy to do when switching jobs, getting registered for college, etc.)

But hey, now I’m here, (Kinda, anyway, cause let’s face it, I’m never all there, here, or anywhere. 😉 ) and I have a question for you fiction writers:

Do any of you go through and make a list of people who are not going to survive? I just started making a list of my “Casualties of War”, and I’m wondering if I’m being morbid, or if this is normal, rofl.

How much is too much?

Anyone have a good idea of how many characters is just too damn many? Main characters, I have MAYBE eight, but even with those, the main focus is on about four of them.

Secondary characters, however….eek.

Most of them are only going to be mentioned once or twice, but they’re still there. *sigh*

Any ideas/suggestions?

That damn eyebrow arching…

It occurs to me that there must be other ways of expressing/showing someone arching an eyebrow, besides “so-and-so arched an eyebrow”.

Anyone feel up to adding to my phrase/expression vocabulary? (Seriously, though…help? It’s killing me here, and google isn’t that much help on this one…)