[Say ‘No’ to Zombies!] Day 1

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April 15th

Day 1

If you’re reading this, either we’ve all survived or you found this in a room scattered with dead bodies, and I am among them.


If I’m not, you know, sneaking up behind you right now. I don’t know how this crap started or how it spreads, so it’s entirely possible that I am not fully dead, in which case…oops?

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BestBuy wtf?

So after about two hours of haggle with BestBuy.com, I will not be getting the laptop mentioned before. Instead, I will be getting this one. Better(?) brand name, for the same price. Only half the storage space, but that’s fine. I keep most of my important stuff on my main computer anyway. The laptop is pretty much just for homework and/or writing.

It came with free 2 day shipping, but it also says it should arrive on Tuesday, so we’ll see. I’m hoping it shows up on Saturday, but I’m not holding my breath.

Taking a break…ha, yeah right.

Well, let’s see here. In the past couple days, I’ve:

  1. Set up a new writing nook for myself (I had no writing place set aside where I live, and being on my computer provides way too many distractions).
  2. Started a new story (wtf, why am I writing about zombies?!).
  3. Got a crap load of work done on chapter 3 of When Love Dies.

I think it might actually be time to take a little break. Probably won’t happen. I’m a little too excited about having a writing space set up, but it’s a thought.